Dryer, High speed clothes spinner/spin dryer, energy efficient, eco-friendly, laundry dryer, clothes dryer, tumble dryer
Removes excess moisture, safe for all fabrics, energy efficient drier
Stainless Steel Drum. Dryer
Spindel laundry dryer in the kitchen with wooden drawers
Loading the spin dryer. Laundry product

Spindel Laundry Dryer 6.5kg

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  • Spindel consumes less than 1% of the energy consumed by an average tumble dryer cycle.
  • The energy consumed by a 3 minute cycle in the Spindel is comparable to using a 60 Watt light bulb for just 15 minutes
  • Load up to 3 queen size sheets
  • Ideal for any machine or hand-washed laundry
  • 2800rpm – double the spin power of most washing machines
  • Removes significantly more moisture in just 3 minutes
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    • Height:                    640mm
    • Width:                     385mm
    • Weight:                   8.7kg
    • Capacity:                 6.5kg
    • Drum:                      Stainless Steel
    • Power:                     230V-50Hz (300 Watts)
    • Speed:                     2800 RPM
    • Motor:                     Thermo-Protected

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 92 reviews
    Game changer!

    After spending some time in UK recently and using my parents spin dryer, I knew I had to have one, but was surprised to find no one in NZ seemed to know what I was talking about, until I found Spindle!
    A quick look at reviews and I ordered one right away. It arrived in record time, and has been in use every wash since. I can't imagine how anyone lives without one, especially in winter or wet weather. Washing that was soggy comes out just damp and dries in no time in the wind or infront of the fire. I used to tumble dry everything for 15 mins or so before hanging out to dry, still damp. I get the same results in a couple of minutes with my Spindle, cheaper, faster, more environmentally friendly, it's a no brainer, everyone needs one!

    Michaela Baxter

    I have used it twice, great. I got it especially as I have broken my wrist and can not wring anything very well. I am glad I got it

    Tony Ratcliffe

    Very impressed with it's ease of use and performance. Our clothes dry a lot quicker with all the excess moisture removed

    Jackie stone
    Spindle dryer

    I recently purchased this with some scepticism and am happy i did, my loads are so light after a 31/2 minute spin in this, what i dont like is that it doesnt turned itself off auto after its cycle, having to wait for it so it doesnt extend the 5 minute timeframe is its downside, am hoping i can purchase a plug with a timer to combat its only issue, well packaged and fast delivery.

    Fearga Jellyman
    Love our spindel

    We don't have a drier so find this so helpful to remove moisture before hanging outside on the line or on airer's inside if it's wet. Have 2 school age kids who can help run it and its space efficient. A big load of washing might need 3 loads in the spindel but things dry so much quicker using it. Good for delicates too, only think i don't put in is underwired bras.

    Customer Reviews

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