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Removes excess moisture, safe for all fabrics, energy efficient drier
Stainless Steel Drum. Dryer
Laundry appliance
Spindel Laundry Dryer 6.5kg - Spindel NZ
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Spindel Laundry Dryer 6.5kg

Regular price $299.00
  • Load up to 4 queen size sheets
  • Ideal for any machine or hand-washed laundry
  • 2800rpm – double the spin power of most washing machines
  • Removes significantly more moisture in just 3 minutes
  • Highly energy efficient


Customer Reviews

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a little awesome machine

The feeling of dryness of cotton is amazing! The amount of water "Spindeled" out is amazing!
I only regret it had been in my wishlist for a few years before I purchased.....

Great spinner

Great service, great spinner. I use this on my caravan when I do hand washing. I like the fact it takes up a small space, simple to use and spins very well.

Great little machine

For dyed yarn and woollen jumpers this is an especially great machine.

Fussiest clothes washer in New Zealand

I am allergic to all soap powder and most laundry liquid with scent and like my clothes to be perfectly clean and consider myself one of the most fussiest washers in New Zealand!!! I am limited to using 25ml of either persil sensitive or natural lemon laundry liquids with luke warm water, i do pretty well getting things clean but I have a real problem with some with some lycra and thin cotton things plus the waist bands of my jerseys going musty smelling if they take to long to dry, i can combat this with a clothes rack and a fan but its a real pain in the backside and the clothes rack needs to be turned regularly. My initial impression of the spindle is very very good. i just hand washed 2 lycra shirts and the spindle removed half a bowl of water in 4mins and left the shirts at least 85 percent dry and they were completely dry in less than an hour hanging with no smell. I would like to do a follow up review in a month. Spindles service was excellent, they kept in touch regularly and the unit arrived in 3 days outside of Auckland.

I like it and has been my friend.

I purchased it for my spare machine. I wash my laundry by hand and use Spindel to spin. It dries fabric so quickly that economises time to hang them outside.

Only the downside I've recognised is, if clothes are damped, the machine doesn't start spinning smooth (the drum inside moves bumping) so I squeeze them more then turn it on again. Also the body needs to be held down until the spin becomes settled, for a few second. That is different to normal laundry machine.

I DIYed the table for Spindel 30cm height that bucket can be in underneath. It's been good and I'm used to use it.

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