"I was recently lucky enough to try one of these wonderful machines.  Not only does it do EXACTLY what it promises and gets your clothes, towels, and sheets dried in about half the time, but they also feel so much better once dried.  The spindle removes any excess detergent from the fabric that is left behind after being washed and leaves your clothes and towels soft.  Great for both the clothes and skin of my susceptible children.  Just brilliant for the New Zealand winter weather and very kind on the electricity bill too.  I will definitely be purchasing one of these brilliant timesavers!"

- Nicole Corke


"Since no heat is used, any fabric which you wouldn’t put in the dryer can quite happily go in the Spindel.  This was a real bonus for me. My plastic brolly sheets often come out of the machine dripping wet, and obviously can’t go in the dryer. But they can go in the Spindel – and come out nearly dry!

The New Zealand climate is quite damp, and we often have problems with damp in our homes.  So we don’t want to add any more moisture to the atmosphere if we can help it.  If you dry your washing on a clothes horse in front of the fire the moisture from the clothes will add to the dampness in the room.

The Spindel gets rid of this extra moisture by spinning out cold water. Within three minutes a cup or two of water has been spun out of your clothes, and no dampness has been added to the air.

Well, I think it’s pretty obvious I love this product!" 

- Karen Hopkins, The Fruitful Homemaker, NZ