Will my laundry be completely dry after using Spindel?
The majority of the moisture will be removed, but the fabrics will still be slightly damp. This will allow you to air dry your laundry in a fraction of the time and avoid additional wrinkling. The level of dampness will depend on the type and thickness of the fabric. For example, certain fabrics will be ready to iron immediately if necessary (i.e. synthetic fibres), whilst others may require some air drying (i.e. cotton).

Why is Spindel safe to use for all fabrics?
Its spin action ensures that fabrics do not tumble around the drum, so there is no stretching, pulling, or knotting of garments. There is also no heat applied to the fabrics.  This is why Spindel is ideal for those hand-washed delicate fabrics such as silk or woollen jerseys. 

How energy efficient is Spindel compared to tumble dryers?
You can run over 65 cycles in the Spindel with just one unit of electricity (i.e. 1 kWh), whereas one tumble dryer cycle alone can consume over 3 units of electricity!

What is the warranty on the Spindel?

The Spindel has a 12 month warranty valid from the date of purchase. This includes repair or replacement of any defective parts of the product where failure occurs under normal working conditions (as outlined in the manual). This warranty does not include wear and tear caused by misuse or damage caused by incorrect transportation, knocks or falls. Spindel is not recommended for commercial use and the warranty does not cover damages caused in a commercial setting. Further warranty information is available on the last page of the user manual.

Can I use Spindel in conjunction with my tumble dryer?
Yes! Spindel uses minimal energy to remove the majority of moisture from your laundry in just 3 minutes. This can reduce your tumble dryer cycle by as much as 70% – saving time and money, whilst also lowering your impact on the environment. In addition, a shorter tumble-drying cycle will reduce heat damage to your fabrics. 

How long will my laundry take to air dry after using Spindel?
This depends on a variety of factors such as the ambient temperature, humidity, and the type and thickness of the fabrics. Generally, most fabrics can be air dried indoors overnight.

What happens to the moisture that is removed by Spindel?
The moisture that is extracted will flow through the spout. You can place any suitable receptacle under the spout i.e. a tub or bowl, or even position the spout over a floor drain.

Is the Spindel easy to move or pack away?
Spindel is very compact and light enough to be moved around the house, packed away after use, or even taken on a camping trip!

Will Spindel make my fabrics very wrinkled or creased?
No, just enough moisture is left in the fabrics to dry without most of the wrinkles, as long as the garments are hung up neatly straight after the cycle. Certain fabrics are obviously more prone to wrinkling than others, but Spindel will not cause more wrinkling than a standard washing machine cycle.

Why does my Spindel make a noise at times?
The way in which you load your laundry into the Spindel can cause the Spindel to vibrate or spin loudly.  Simply remove the laundry and reload the items.  Always place the heaviest items e.g. towels at the bottom and try to ensure that they are evenly wrapped around the inside of the drum.  Ensure that the items are tucked securely into the drum, allowing at least 2 cm space from the top, to ensure that they can not spin up or out which could result in damage, if an item is not securely tucked in to the top of the drum, it can spin up causing a loud, flapping noise.

What is your returns policy?

We believe in the power of Spindel! So much so that if for any reason during the first two weeks of purchase you are not happy with it, we will refund you (excluding shipping) without question. If you want to return your Spindel, it must be done so in its original, undamaged packaging. Return shipping charges are for the customer’s account.

If the item is returned in original, saleable condition, your refund will be processed within three working days and a credit will automatically be applied to the original method of payment.